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I'm Lucas Fernandes.

I am a frontend developer, specially for the web,
building stylish and responsive layouts yet
designing well structured APIs and databases.

Selfie of myself, a white person with long hair with bleached ends, wearing round glasses and a dark green sweatshirt.

What I like to do

I should probably change this section to a list of reasons that makes me
love Svelte so much. For now, I'll just leave these other tech I like:

  • TypeScript

  • Svelte & SvelteKit

  • React

  • Next.js

  • Sass

  • Node.js

  • Kotlin (Spigot API)

  • Unity (C#)

  • (My/Postgre)SQL(ite)

  • MongoDB

  • Capacitor

My latest projects and works

Latest articles

I pretty much rather reading articles than watching tutorials, so
here I gather stuff that I learned and want to share.

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